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back terms. euro rose to a $1131. that's high historically. action in the metals. silver, platinum, all sinking more than 1%. silver was today's biggest loser dropping nearly p 3% to settle at $32.81 an ounce. david: markets hopping, but the next trader says investor participation is shifting. in chicago, larry, the key question here is what happens when the market gets off its hind legs and moves? move up or down? >> it all depends on what happens with the fiscal cliff. right now, there's boehner yelled out by his own party, the conservative part of the wing, and also the left. he's in a really, really tight spot and an ultimate binary trade. if something good happens, we'll rocket higher. if something bad happens, expect the worst right now. that's the thing right now. it's a yes or no trade. liz: congressional know it all at fox news calls it rrpublican on republican violence. hard to get a deal in the own party, special interests, the markets, whatever happens, we want to make money. where did you see the flows today? >> -- >> just a sec. we picked through the numbers, the stock is
action in the cme. telling us why volatility will be a friend of his environment. we have seen in the last few trading sessions getting near and near is a safer place, a hedge and a plea for a flocked to the dollar in hard-core assets like gold and others. what are we seeing in the market today where you are it? >> today the interesting thing is what is going on with option prices were if you look over the last 20 trading days, about a calendar month, the calendar had done nothing. an annualized movement 9.5%. that is crawling way slow. meanwhile we are seeing the vix, the volatility index, creating higher and higher and higher. why? this fiscal cliff, i think we will see a large one-day move coming out of this. up or down. i think that price that the auction players play with setup for one big move and a whole lot of slowness. the asset you are seeing people go for our insurance product. gold is a week dollar play. all of the asset spectators thae are doubling and we will print money. that is why the gold has had such a run-up. shibani: i like this idea and i want to push you
coming, that negativity upward pricing action, housing could perform. liz: do you like maybe some of the materials guys? >> absolutely. i think housing is a great place to be invested in today. but i think the most attractive place to be today, liz, is in pipeline companies. you can go into master limited partners of pipeline companies and get distribution yields in the 7 to 8 percent range. they are going to grow that distribution about 6% annually. liz: will that be doing a different tax strategy after the first of the year regardless? >> always a concern about that, but if they put a corporate income tax on these companies as opposed to treating them as partnerships, that's going to raise three to four hours worth of the budget deficit on an annual basis. it's just not worth it. david: finally ryan the consumer seems to be a little more confident. that doesn't always track in terms of retail sales. you'd go in now even before you get the figures from the holiday season; right? >> that's right. look at the xrt, the large retail etf, up 20% year to date. if you look at the news a
. larry shover live in the pits of the cme, and what action we saw, wow, and we've got more than $100 billion worth of advice from our market panel, bill greiner and sandy lincoln. but first, let's talk to rich edson and, rich, you know, you're looking at a situation at the moment where you have the president saying we're close, but no deal. you have senator mitch mcconnell on the republican side saying close, but no deal. leads me to ask, what about joe biden? our vice president? he's the one who kind of brought things together in the early morning hours. >> reporter: he did, and mitch mcconnell called vice president biden, and they were hammering out a deal almost to the point where the senate minority leader said when he woke up this morning he thought they did have a deal, at least on the tax portion. republicans saying they have worked out and reached agreement on the tax issues, the problem are the automatic spending cuts, the $94 billion known oz the sequester throughout 2013. the white house wants to pull back on those cuts, republicans want to replace those cuts with other cu
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of diminishing returns for further fed actions is not so much helping spenders. liz: what do you think is the biggest risk in 2013 for all investors? the speed of the biggest risk is a level of interest rates. increase in interest rates historically have negative impacts in the stock market. they tend to come down a little bit. david: appreciated. fixed income strategist. liz: president obama says he is prepared to do tough things for a fiscal deal and there is no reason these talks should fail. ford is holding things? going to d.c. for the very latest. stay tuned. you know how painful heartburn can be. for fast, long lasting relief, use doctor recommended gaviscon®. only gaviscon® forms a protective barrier that helps block stomach acid from splashing up- relieving the pain quickly. try fast, long lasting gaviscon®. . .. liz: the white house vowing president obama will veto speaker boehner's plan b as it's called, the bill that raises tax rates for americans earning more than one million to liars a year. david: with less than two weeks until the deadline is there any hope of a deal
in the office or at home. the trade action picked up in the final minutes here. the s&p500 index of 500 stocks we watch every day closed at the top of the hour, at 14 # 0 # 2, hung on to the 1400 level. the futures, the pit i'm in, continues to trade for another 15 minutes. david, for those 15 minutes, we saw continuous selling. it continued to get hammered, and a trader said it was dallas rows, new lows of the session, and another said we fell on the lowest level in the front month futures contract to the lowest level since thanksgiving. the news that president obama did not come up with a new plan when meeting with congress just now, not good news for the markets, and we closed at session lows for the s&p 500 futures, probably indicating there's selling when trading reopens tonight and tomorrow morning as well. david: fasten the seat belts, a bumpy weekend and monday morning of trading, well below the 1400. shibani: dropping a percent. watching shares of rukus wireless with new highs, possivities with one stock. >> focus on that. it's been a rough week, month, and certainly day. here's the s
so, you know, as a lot of the ballplayers say, go with the action is which is in the emerging markets. we are a low-flying economy that's susceptible to downdrafts, and the fiscal cliff could provide that, but evaluations point to under evaluation at 15% and 20%. liz: charles, you got the bear claws out. i know you are cautious on a regular basis. we've known each other a long time, but, look, it's obvious that the headline risk is high closer and closer to the cliff, but let's say we get a deal or don't. you say we'll see weak equities in 2013, why? don't you have faith we're starting to see recoveries in the housing markets, certain metrics better. >> well, take home pay -- after tax income is up $300 billion this year over last year. 6.6 trillion in aggregate. how much taxes go up? a hundred bill, 500 billion? how can you have economic growth if the tax increases take away almost all the gain this year? now, also, know that the 300 billion gain cost the economy over a trillion dollars in subsidies. we have deficits and fed printing money of over a trillion dollars, all of that gene
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if you experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. this is the age of taking action. viagra. talk toour doctor. shibani: are you ready? it is almost time to ring in the new year. i know i'm getting ready. but i don't have any plans yet. have you made plans yet? our next guest says it is not too late for any of us to get a last minute bargain getaway. we have courtney scott, senior editor at travelocity. we are open to the idea of allowing me to travel if congress allows me. how are things looking?. >> there are deals out there surprisingly even though it is close to new year's's. las vegas is hot on the top 10 list of travelocity. $305 is the average domestic air fare to las vegas that is below the national average of $43. there is a great deal with flight, hotel and vacation package. that is the best way to save. book the flight and hotel together. $648 at lvh property. it is one block of the strip. has pools, casino. restaurants are right there. i mean it has everything there. and 100 dining credit for you to have fun while you're there. shibani: that's a great dea
it this year. you can make up the difference in the stock price action in january if the market continues. liz: would you be buying equities here? >> and moderately positive environment. 2% growth in the united states, 7% china, 5% india, negative one in europe. in that environment you want to own a portfolio of multinational companies with dividends, global exposure, it will provide as good of a return as anything else when you have bonds and cash paying so low. as long as you understand you're in the seven, 8% environment, portfolio stocks should be part of that. david: let's talk to a guy that says full speed ahead torpedoes. he thinks it will be better than this year was. saying people are confusing pickups for heart attacks in today's market to all these problems are going to seem like nothing when we come to the big gains of next year. you really think that will bear out, and how do you invest with that kinddof optimistic strategy? >> first of all what we have seen with investor sentiment is contradictory to what we've seen with consumer sentiment and business sentiment. when you see neg
actions, we have heard so much chatter, we can't really bet on that. >> right now we're just hearing chatter. the president speaks to senate democratic leader harry reid, we have learned. meeting yesterday at the white house with a speaker banner an in a speech in detroia couple of hours go the president extended little olive branch to the republicans. >> i have said i would work with republicans on a plan for economic growth, job creation and reducing our deficits. and some compromise between democrats and republicans, i understand people have a lot of different views, i'm willing to compromise a little bit. >> i spoke to an aide to one top republican leader who was a little bit upset by the comment the president would be willing to compromise a little bit. the white house did not disclose any details of the meeting with the president and the speaker yesterday only confirmed that communications remain open. tim john boehner remaining discussions are in place. david: the president said some things about a year ago that sounded like a perfect compromise. let me get your reaction. this
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had action in the currency pits as the u.s. dollar weakened on optimism over greek and chinese data. the move cement the euro to a -- sent the euro to a six week high. david: let's talk copper for the moment, of course, that's really tied into world growth. it climb today a six week high. this is on signs that there may be some more demand coming for the metal from china and the u.s. as well. as both of our economies begin to churn a little more than expected. the top two copper-consuming countries. >> and following auto sales today, a number of derivatives plays hitting 52-week highs. cooper tire and rubber, genuine parts and carmax taking a hit in today's session. david: all right. and we told you about that breaking news on jpmorgan whale trader, a $5 billion loss for the company. the senate has been investigating. peter barnes with the latest on that investigation. peter? >> reporter: well, that's right, david. the senate, a senate investigation subcommittee has questioned more than 80 people in its probe of $5.8 billion in trading losses in may by jpmorgan chase, the london wha
Search Results 0 to 16 of about 17